The Journal of FIVEZERO adopts an open access policy, as it adopts the principle that scientific research is provided free of charge to humanity and will increase the global sharing of knowledge. Open Access (OA) offers unlimited access and reuse possibilities. Therefore, open access creates the network of reaching the widest possible audience, sharing all works and rebuilding them.

The BOAI (Budapest Open Access Initiative) of 12 September 2012 is accepted and supported. Click to learn more about open access policies supported by JGEHES. In addition, every article published in JGEHES is licensed under the Creative Commons citation-informal 4.0 International License. So you can share - copy and reproduce this work in any size and format. You can adapt the material - mix it, transfer it and build on the work. The licensor cannot revoke freedoms as long as you follow the license terms. For these conditions to be valid there is an obligation to make a reference. By Attribution-you must provide the appropriate information, a link to the license, and information about changes if changes have been made. You may perform these actions in accordance with you, provided that you do not contain information that the licensor has approved you or your use. This material is non-commercial and may not be used for commercial purposes. Detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the Creative Commons citation-informal 4.0 International License link.